© Drawn By Deb 2017
Debra L Adamcik is a traveling Michigan-based professional artist, project manager, and architectural conservator who offers a range of specialized services: What Can Deb Do for You?  Draw, Create:  Artistically Interpreting the Face CARICATURES PASTEL PORTRAITS Hand-Cut Traditional SILHOUETTES                 of People and Pets!          Per Piece: Created live in minutes at art fairs and festivals throughout Michigan (see season schedule ) or in studio from photos and mail orders or pick-up/delivery. Commissions, logos, gift and more customized work available along with matting and framing for a finished and ready-to- hang artwork. Per Hour: For hire at an hourly rate providing not only entertainment  but also fun, personal, and artsy gifts to guests that they can treasure forever.  Deb can also hire other artists for wedding receptions, senior all-nights, after-proms, corporate and employee appreciation parties, picnics, promos (your company logo can be placed on the paper), bat/bar mitzvahs, birthday celebrations, college campus activities, fundraisers, and other special events. Artwork would be free to your guests. Design, Restore, Decorate:  Uniquely Enhancing the   Space MURALS DECORATIVE PAINTING FAUX MARBLING,GILDING,STENCILING and More! Artwork on new or historic surfaces: Painting murals and designs from new, original, or collaborative visions to researching, restoring and conserving historic decorative materials and finishes on all surfaces and scale:  on canvas, stone, wood, plaster, wall, ceiling, or entire exterior of the  building. Teach, Share, Demonstrate: Creatively Enriching those Faces in the Space DEMONSTRATIONS PRESENTATIONS HANDS-ON ACTIVITIES, SKILLS, and  other various Lessons! Fun, Creative learning experiences: Can be booked for art club or camps,  historical  society or preservation trade meetings, and especially for CLASSROOMS of ALL AGES  for presentations, demonstrations, hands-on participation on a range of subjects.  Such as:  Art of the Quick Sketch and Interpretation and Perception of the Face,    Architectural Conservation and Regional Experiences, International Preservation Case Studies, Decorative Painting and Stenciling,  International Volunteering as a Goodwill Globalista, Cartwheeling in Yemen, Iran and Around the World.