I love interpreting the face into a cheery and cute caricature; as a serious traditional portrait or as hand-cut classic silhouette; or even the whole figure in a fun artsy gesture backside drawing. I consider myself a “High Quality” Quick Sketch Artist and an Expressional Engineer and I have over 30 years of experience of capturing people on paper all over the world. Originally from Midland, Michigan, I earned my Bachelors of Art double majoring in Spanish and Studio Art from Aquinas College in Grand Rapids, MI. and spent my summers as an assistant manager and artist drawing portraits and caricatures at Cedar Point of Sandusky, OH. Upon graduating I became a Park Manager operating the art and photo concessions at amusement parks in Colorado, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Virginia, and New York.

Currently I run my own business, Drawn By Deb, and draw at special events all over the country and at art fairs and festivals throughout Michigan. I also do classroom and art club live demonstrations and presentations.